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Productions scientifiques

Publications 2017

Smulski, C. R. ; Decossas, M. ; Chekkat, N. ; Beyrath, J. ; Willen, L. ; Guichard, G. ; Lorenzetti, R. ; Rizzi, M. ; Eibel, H. ; Schneider, P. ; Fournel, S., (2017) Hetero-Oligomerization between (...)

Publications 2016

Chiper, M., Tounsi, N., Kole, R., Kichler, A., Zuber, G. (2016) Self-aggregating 1.8 kDa polyethylenimines with dissolution switch at endosomal acidic pH are delivery carriers for plasmid DNA, (...)

Publications 2015

Vranic, B.Z., and Vandamme, T.F. (2015) Preliminary study of an offline simultaneous determination of metoprolol tartrate and hydrochlorothiazide in powders and tablets by reflectance (...)

Productions 2014

Kuhn, I., Kellenberger, E., Cakir-Kiefer, C., Muller-Steffner, H., and Schuber, F. (2014) Probing the catalytic mechanism of bovine CD38/NAD(+)glycohydrolase by site directed mutagenesis of key (...)

Productions 2013

Attia, M. F., Anton, N., Chiper, M., Akasov, R., Anton, H., Messaddeq, N., Fournel, S., Klymchenko, A. S., Mely, Y., and Vandamme, T. F. (2014) Biodistribution of x-ray iodinated contrast agent (...)

Productions 2012

Donato, L., Mourot, A., Davenport, C.M., Herbivo, C., Warther, D., Leonard, J., Bolze, F., Nicoud, J.F., Kramer, R.H., Goeldner, M., and Specht, A. (2012) Water-soluble, donor-acceptor biphenyl (...)

Productions 2011

Bechinger, B., Vidovic, V., Bertani, P., and Kichler, A. (2011) A new family of peptide-nucleic acid nanostructures with potent transfection activities. J. Pept. Sci. 17, 88-93. Bialecki, E., (...)

Productions 2010

Warther, D. ; Bolze, F. ; Leonard, J. ; Gug, S. ; Specht, A. ; Puliti, D. ; Sun, X. H. ; Kessler, P. ; Lutz, Y. ; Vonesch, J. L. ; Winsor, B. ; Nicoud, J. F. ; Goeldner, M., Live-cell one- and (...)