Pharmacie Biogalénique – Publications

Publications 2021
•  Langmuir2021accepted manuscript
The pH-induced specific area changes of unsaturated lipids deposited onto a bubble interface

Anton, N.*; Pierrat, P.; Brou, G.; Gbassi, G.; Omran, Z.; Lebeau, L.; Vandamme, T.F.; Bouriat, P.*
•  Soft Matter2021, accepted manuscript
Tunable Functionalization of Nano-emulsions Using Amphiphilic Polymers

Rehman, A.U.; Anton, N.*; Bou, S.; Schild, J.; Messaddeq, N.; Vandamme, T.F.; Akram, S.; Klymchenko, A.; Collot, M.*
• Angewandte Chemie2021accepted manuscript
Drug‐sponge lipid nanocarrier for in situ cargo loading and release using dynamic covalent chemistry

Liu, F.; Niko, Y.; Bouchaala, R.; Mercier, L.; Lefebvre, O.; Andreiuk, B.; Vandamme, T.; Goetz, J.G.; Anton, N.; Klymchenko, A.S.*
Publications 2020
•  ChemBioChem2020accepted manuscript
Self-organization properties of a GPCR binding peptide incorporating fluorinated tail studied by fluorine NMR

de Muizon, C.J.; Ramanoudjame, S.M.; Esteoulle, L.; Ling, C.; Brou, G.; Anton, N.; Vandamme, T.F.; Delsuc, M.A.; Bonnet, D.*; Kieffer, B.*
•  European Journal of Biophysics2020accepted manuscript
pH-thermosensitive oral hydrogels containing phenobarbital for a potiential pediatric use

Djiboune, A.R.*; Anton, N.; Dieng, S.M.; Sy, P.M.; Diouf, L.A.D.; Mbaye, G.; Soumboundou, M.; Messaddeq, N.; Ennahar, S.; Vandamme, T.F.; Diarra, M.
•  Advanced Healthcare Materials2020accepted manuscript
Dye-loaded nanoemulsions: biomimetic fluorescent nanocarriers for bioimaging and nanomedicine

Klymchenko, A.S.*; Liu, F.; Collot, M.; Anton, N.
•  European Polymer Journal2020accepted manuscript
Tuning polymers grafted on upconversion nanoparticles for the delivery of 5-fluorouracil

Kavand, A.; Anton, N.; Vandamme, T.; Serra, C.A.; Chan-Seng, D.*
•  Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM)2020accepted manuscript
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Triphala Constituents and Nanoformulation

Omran, Z.; Bader, A.; Porta, A.; Vandamme, T.; Anton, N.; Alehaideb, Z.; El-Said, H.; Faidah, H.; Essa, A.; Vassallo, A.*; Halwani, M.*
•  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science2020accepted manuscript
Further insights into release mechanisms from nano-emulsions, assessed by a simple fluorescence-based method

Wang, X.; Collot, M.; Omran, Z.; Vandamme, T.F.; Klymchenko, A.; Anton, N.*
•  Polymer Chemistry2020accepted manuscript
Investigating the growth of hyperbranched polymers by self-condensing vinyl RAFT copolymerization from the surface of upconversion nanoparticles

Kavand, A.; Blanck, C.; Przybilla, F.; Mély, Y.; Anton, N.; Vandamme, T.F.; Serra, C.A.; Chan-Seng D.*
•  International Journal of Pharmaceutics2020accepted manuscript
Development of a thermosensitive statin loaded chitosan-based hydrogel promoting bone healing

Petit, C.; Batool, F.; Stutz, C.; Anton, N.; Klymchenko, A.S.; Vandamme, T.; Benkirane-Jessel, N.; Huck, O.*
•  International Journal of Pharmaceutics2020accepted manuscript
Production of lipophilic nanogels by spontaneous emulsification

Ding, S.; Mustafa, B.; Anton, N.*; Serra, C.A.*; Chan-Seng, D.; Vandamme, T.F.*
•  Journal of Materials Chemistry B2020accepted manuscript
Near infrared fluorogenic probe as a prodrug model for evaluating cargo release by nanoemulsions

Bou, S.; Wang, X.; Anton, N.; Klymchenko, A.S.; Collot, M.*
•  Soft Matter2020accepted manuscript
Lipid-Core/Polymer-Shell Hybrid Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Characterization by Fluorescence Labeling and Electrophoresis
Bou, S.; Wang, X.; Anton, N.; Bouchaala, R. ; Klymchenko, A.S.; Collot, M.*
•  Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces2020accepted manuscript
Pickering nano-emulsions stabilized by Eudragit RL100 nanoparticles as oral drug delivery system for poorly soluble drugs
Dieng, S.M.*; Omran, Z.*; Anton, N.; Thioune, O.; Djiboune, A.R.; Sy, P.M.; Messaddeq, N.; Ennahar, S.; Diarra, M.; Vandamme, T.*
• Journal of Controlled Release2020accepted manuscript Synthesis and functionalization of hyperbranched polymers for targeted drug delivery
Kavand, A ; Anton, N.; Vandamme, T.F.; Serra, C.A.; Chan-Seng, D.*
Publications 2019
• Pharmaceutics2019accepted manuscript Synthesis, Principles and Properties of magnetite nanoparticles for in vivo imaging applications – A review Wallyn, J.; Anton, N.*; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Soft Matter2019accepted manuscript Pickering nano-emulsions stabilized by solid lipid nanoparticles as temperature sensitive drug delivery system Dieng, S.M.; Anton, N.*; Bouriat, P.; Thioune, O.; Sy, P.; Messaddeq, N.; Ennahar, S.; Diarra, M.; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology2019accepted manuscript An overview of active and passive targeting strategies to improve the nano-carrier’s efficiency to tumor sites Attia, M.F.*; Anton, N.; Wallyn, J.; Omran, Z.H.*; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Pharmaceutical Research2019accepted manuscript Biomedical imaging: principles, technologies, clinical aspects, contrast agents, limitations and future trends in nanomedicines Wallyn, J.; Anton, N.*; Akram, S.; Vandamme, T.F.
• ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2019accepted manuscript Optimizing the Fluorescent Properties of Nano-emulsions for Single Particle Tracking in Live Cells Wang, X.; Anton, N.*; Pichandi, A.; Anton, H.; Kyong, F.T.; Vandamme, T.F.; Klymchenko, A.S.*; Collot, M.*
• European Journal of Pharmaceutical Research20191(1) 1 Inaugural issue editorial note — download Anton, N.
• European Journal of Pharmaceutical Research20191(1) 20-26 A focus of the nanoprecipitation by solvent displacement: example of poly(MAOTIB) intended to in vivo applications — download Wallyn, J.; Vandamme, T.F., Anton, N.*
• European Journal of Pharmaceutical Research20191(1) 27-36 Spontaneous nano-emulsification with tailor-made amphiphilic polymers and related monomers — download Rehman, A.U.; Collot, M.; Klymchenko, A.S.; Akram, S.; Mustafa, B.; Vandamme, T.F.; Anton, N.*
• Langmuir2019accepted manuscript Towards the formulation of stable micro and nano double emulsions through silica coating of internal water droplets Akram, S.; Wang, X.; Vandamme, T.F.; Collot, M.; Ur Rehman, A.; Messaddeq, N.; Mély, Y.; Anton, N.*
• Journal of Controlled Release2019accepted manuscript Double emulsions prepared by two-step emulsification: History, State-of-the-art and Perspective Ding, S.; Serra, C.A.*; Wei, Y.; Vandamme, T.F., Anton, N.*
• ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2019accepted manuscript Magnetite and iodine-containing nano-emulsion as dual modal contrast agent for X-ray/MR Imaging Wallyn, J.; Anton, N.*; Mertz, D.; Begin-Colin, S.; Perton, F.; Serra, C.A.; Franconi, F.; Lemaire, L.; Chiper, M.; Libouban, H.; Messaddeq, N.; Anton, H.; Vandamme, T.F.
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2019, accepted manuscript Production of dry-state ketoprofen-encapsulated PMMA NPs by coupling micromixer-assisted nanoprecipitation and spray drying Ding, S. ; Serra, C.A.*; Anton, N.*; Yu, W.; Vandamme, T.F.*
Publications 2018
• European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics2018accepted manuscript Development of Doxorubicin hydrochloride loaded pH-sensitive liposomes: investigation on the impact of chemical nature of lipids and liposome composition on pH-sensitivity Rehman, A.; Omran, Z.; Anton, H.; Mély, M.; Akram, S.; Vandamme, T.F.; Anton, N.*
ACS Omega2018accepted manuscript Quantifying release from lipid nanocarriers by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Bouchaala, R. ; Richert, L. ; Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Djabi, S. ; Mély, Y. ; Klymchenko, A. S.*
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2018, 549(1-2) 299-305 Pickering nano-emulsion as a nanocarrier for pH-triggered drug release Sy, P. ; Anton, N. ; Idoux-Gillet, Y. ; Dieng, S. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Ennahar, S. ; Diarra, M. ; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Langmuir2018, 34(5) Microfluidic-assisted production of size-controlled superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles-loaded poly(methyl methacrylate) nanohybrids Ding, S. ; Attia, M.F. ; Wallyn, J. ; Taddei, C. ; Serra, C.A.* ; Anton, N.* ; Kassem, M. ; Schmutz, M. ; Er-Rafik, M. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Collard, A. ; Yu, W. ; Giordano, M. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems2018, 35(5) 391-431 Inorganic nanoparticles for X-ray computed tomography imaging Attia, M.F. ; Wallyn, J. ; Anton, N.* ; Vandamme T.F.*
• Acta Biomaterialia2018, 66 A new formulation of Poly(MAOTIB) nanoparticles as an efficient contrast agent for in vivo X-ray imaging Wallyn, J. ; Anton, N.* ; Serra, C.A. ; Bouquey, M. ; Collot, M. ; Anton, H. ; Weickert, J.L. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Vandamme, T.
Publications 2017
• Arthritis & Rheumatology2017accepted manuscript Therapeutic Modulation of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells in Experimental Arthritis Nehmar, R. ; Alsaleh, G. ; Voisin, B. ; Flacher, V. ; Mariotte, A. ; Saferding, V. ; Puchner, A. ; Niederreiter, B. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Schabbauer, G. ; Kastner, P. ; Chan, S. ; Kirstetter, P. ; Holcmann, M. ; Mueller, C. ; Sibilia, J. ; Bahram, S. ; Bluml, S. ; Georgel, P.
• Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin2017accepted manuscript Novel doxorubicin derivatives : synthesis and cytotoxicity study in 2D and 3D in vitro models Akasov, R. ; Drozdova, M. ; Zaytseva-Zotova, D. ; Leko, M. ; Chelushkin, P. ; Marc, A. ; Chevalot, I. ; Burov, S. ; Klyachko, N. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Markvicheva, E.
• Scientific Reports2017accepted manuscript Non-invasive quantitative imaging of hepatocellular carcinoma growth in mice by micro-CT using liver-targeted iodinated nano-emulsions Anton, N.* ; Parlog, A. ; Bou About, G. ; Attia, M.F. ; Wattenhofer-Donzé, M. ; Jacobs, H. ; Goncalves da Cruz, I. ; Robinet, E. ; Sorg, T. ; Vandamme T.F.
• Colloids and Surfaces B : Biointerfaces2017accepted manuscript Light-triggered release from dye-loaded fluorescent lipid nanocarriers in vitro and in vivo Bouchaala, R. ; Anton, N. ; Anton, H. ; Vandamme, T. ; Mély, Y. ; Vermot J. ; Smail, D. ; Klymchenko, A.S.*
• Macromolecular Biosciences2017accepted manuscript Functionalizing nano-emulsions with carboxylates : impact on the biodistribution and pharmacokinetics in mice Attia, M.F. ; Dieng, S.M. ; Collot, M.* ; Klymchenko, A.S. ; Bouillot, C. ; Serra, C.A. ; Schmutz, M. ; Er-Rafik, M. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Anton, N.*
• Soft Matter2017accepted manuscript A new method for the formulation of double nano-emulsions Ding, S. ; Anton, N.* ; Akram, S. ; Er-Rafik, M. ; Anton, H. ; Klymchenko, A. ; Yu, W. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Serra, C.A.*
• Petroleum Science and Technology2017accepted manuscript Tuning of properties of alkyl phenol formaldehyde resins in petroleum demulsifiers. 2. Interfacial dilatational properties. Velasquez, I. ; Anton, N. ; Sykora, J. ; Pereira, J.*
• Petroleum Science and Technology2017accepted manuscript Tuning of properties of alkyl phenol formaldehyde resins in petroleum demulsifiers. 1. Emulsion stability test Velasquez, I. ; Sykora, J. ; Anton, N. ; Pereira, J.*
Publications 2016
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2016506, 148-157. Formation of multicellular tumor spheroids induced by cyclic RGD-peptides and use for anticancer drug testing in vitro Akasov, R. ; Zaytseva-Zotova, D. ; Burov, S. ; Leko, M. ; Dontenwill, M. ; Chiper, M. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Markvicheva, E.*
• Scientific Reports20166, No. 35230. Multimodal imaging of a humanized orthotopic model of hepatocellular carcinoma in immunodeficient mice Wu, T. ; Heuillard, E. ; Linder, V. ; Bou About, G. ; Ignat, M. ; Dillenseger, J.P. ; Anton, N. ; Dalmier, E. ; Gosse, F. ; Foure, G. ; Blindauer, F. ; Giraudeau, C. ; El-Saghire, H. ; Bouhadjar, M. ; Calligaro, C. ; Sorg, T. ; Choquet, P. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Ferrand, C. ; Marescaux, J. ; Baumert, T. ; Diana, M. ; Pessaux, P. and Eric Robinet*
• Journal of Controlled Release2016236, 57-67. Integrity of lipid nanocarriers in bloodstream and tumor quantified by near-infrared ratiometric FRET imaging in living mice Bouchaala, R. ; Mercier, L. ; Andreiuk, B. ; Mély, Y. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Anton, N.* ; Goetz, J.G.* ; Kymchenko, A.S.*
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2016506, 148-157. Formation of multicellular tumor spheroids induced by cyclic RGD-peptides and use for anticancer drug testing in vitro Akasov, R. ; Zaytseva-Zotova, R. ; Burov, S. ; Leko, M. ; Dontenwill, M. ; Chiper, M. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Markvicheva, E.
• Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery201610, 1447-1460 Microfluidic nanoprecipitation systems for preparing pure drug or polymeric drug loaded nanoparticles : an overview Ding, S. ; Anton, N.* ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Serra, C.A.*
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2016508, 61-70. One-step synthesis of iron oxide polypyrrole nanoparticles encapsulating ketoprofen as model of hydrophobic drug Attia, M.F. ; Anton, N.* ; Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Jakhmola, A. ; Vecchione, R. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Pharmaceutical Research201633(3), 603-614. Biodistribution and toxicity of X-ray iodinated contrast agent in nano-emulsions in function of their size Attia, M.F. ; Anton, N.* ; Akasov, R. ; Chiper, M. ; Markvicheva, E. ; Vandamme, T.F.
Publications 2015
• RSC Advances20155, 74353-74361. Functionalization of nano-emulsions with amino-silica shell at the oil-water interface Attia, M.F. ; Anton, N.* ; Bouchaala, R. ; Didier, P. ; Arntz, Y. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Klymchenko, A.S. ; Mély, Y. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2015493, 7-15. Microfluidic conceived Trojan microcarriers for oral delivery of nanoparticles Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A.* ;Anton, N. ; Er-Rafik, M. ; Schmutz, M. ; Kraus, I. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Sutter, C. ; Anton, H. ; Klymchenko, A.S. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• International Journal of Current Research20157(11), 22420-22423. Peanut oil based W1/O/W2 multiple emulsions for oral administration of insulin Diouf, L.A.* ; Mbaye, G. ; Ndiaye, A. ; Sy, P.M. ; Djiboune, A.R. ; Soumboundou, M. ; Ndiaye, I.E. ; Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T. ; Diarra, M.
• Chemical Communications201551, 11595-11598. Photopolymerized micelles of diacetylene amphiphile : physical characterization and cell delivery properties Neuberg, P. ; Périno, A. ; Morin-Picardat, E. ; Anton, N. ; Darwich, Z. ; Weltin, D. ; Mely, Y. ; Klymchenko, A. S. ; Remy, J. S. ; Wagner, A.*
• Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery201512 (4), 547-562. Production of nanoparticle drug delivery systems with microfluidic tools Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A.* ; Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Bioencapsulation Innovations ,2015 Editorial Vandamme, T.
• Bioencapsulation Innovations ,2015 Bi-compartimental encapsulation of two drugs with diverse solubility in Junas microparticles Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A. ; Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T.
• Bioencapsulation Innovations ,2015 Therapeutic applications of microencapsulation in cancer Vandamme, T.
Publications 2014
• ACS Nano20148 (10), 10537-10550. Biodistribution of X-ray iodinated contrast agent in nano-emulsions is controlled by the chemical nature of the oily core Attia, M. ; Anton, N.* ; Chiper, M.C. ; Akasov, R. ; Anton, H. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Fournel, S. ; Klymchenko, A. ; Mély, Y. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2014478 (1), 78-87. Microfluidic conceived pH sensitive core-shell particles for dual drug delivery Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A.* ; Stolch, L. ; Anton, N. ; Akasov, R. ; Vandamme, T.
• Chemical Communications201450, 11576-11579. Counteracting the inhibitory effect of proteins towards lung surfactant substitutes : a fluorocarbon gas helps displace albumin at the air/water interface Nguyen, P.N. ; Veschgini, M. ; Tanaka, M. ; Waton, G. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Krafft, M.P.*
• Pharmaceutical Development and Technology201420(1), 99-104. Preliminary study of an offline simultaneous determination of metoprolol tartrate and hydrochlorothiazide in powders and tablets by reflectance near-infrared spectroscopy Vranic, B.Z. ; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Pharmaceutical Development and Technology201420(1), 90-98. Effect of simulated precompression, compression pressure and tableting speed on an offline diffuse transmittance and reflectance near-infrared spectral information of model intact caffeine tablets Vranic, B.Z. ; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews201476, 116-133. Contrast Agents for Preclinical Targeted X-ray Imaging Li, X. ; Anton, N. ; Zuber, G. ; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews201476, 1. Targeted Imaging (preface of the theme issue) Vandamme, T. ; Anton, N. ; Torchilin, V.
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2014473 (1-2), 239-249 Microfluidic conceived drug loaded Janus particles in side-by-side capillaries device Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A.* ; Anton, N. ; Li, X. ; Akasov, R. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Krauss, I. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics201488 (2), 361-373. Chitosan / Glucose 1-phosphate as new stable in situ forming depot system for controlled drug delivery Supper, S. ; Anton, N.* ; Boisclair, J. ; Seidel, N. ; Riemenschnitter, M. ; Curdy, C. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Biomaterials201435 (18), 4950-4957. Counterion-enhanced cyanine dye loading into lipid nano-droplets for single particle tracking in zebrafish Kilin, V. ; Anton, H. ; Anton, N. ; Steed, E. ; Vermot, J. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Mely, Y. ; Klymchenko, A.S.*
• Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences20146, 2-9 Use of rodents as models of human diseases Vandamme, T.F.
• Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences20146, 31-37 New oral anthelmintic intraruminal delivery device for cattle Vandamme, T.F.
• Biomaterials201435 (9), 2981-2986 Poly-ε-caprolactone tungsten oxide nanoparticles as a contrast agent for X-ray computed tomography Jakhmola, A. ; Anton, N.*, Anton, H. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Hallouard, F. ; Klymchenko, A. ; Mely, Y. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery201411 (2), 249-267 Thermosensitive chitosan/glycerophosphate-based hydrogel and its derivatives in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications Supper, S. ; Anton, N.* ; Seidel, N. ; Riemenschnitter, M. ; Curdy, C. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Pharmaceutical Research201431, 20-34 Nanotechnology for computed tomography : a real potential recently disclosed Anton, N.* and Vandamme, T.
Publications 2013
• Nanotechnology201324, 395605-395615 Colloidal stability and thermo-responsive properties of iron oxide nanoparticles coated with polymers : advantages of Pluronic F68 – PEG mixture Chiper, M. ; Hervé Aubert, K. ; Augé, A. ; Fouquenet, J.F. ; Soucé, M. ; Chourpa, I.
• Soft Matter20139, 10081-10091 Study of insoluble monolayers by deposition at a bubble interface Anton, N.* ; Pierrat, P. ; Lebeau, L. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Bouriat, P.
• Soft Matter20139, 9972-9976 Reversing the course of the competitive adsorption between a phospholipid and albumin at an air/water interface Nguyen, P.N. ; Waton, G. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Krafft, M.P.*
• Journal of Pharmaceutical Science2013102 (11), 4150-4158 Influence of diblock co-polymer PCL-mPEG and of various iodinated oils on the formulation by the emulsion-diffusion process of radiopaque polymeric nanoparticles Hallouard, F. ; Briançon, S.* ; Anton, N. ; Li, X. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Fessi, H.
• Journal of Controlled Release2013172 (3), 1065-1074 Microfluidics : a focus on improved cancer targeted drug delivery systems Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A.* ; Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Langmuir201329 (32), 10229–10237 Rheological study of chitosan/polyol-phosphate systems : influence of the polyol part on the thermo-induced gelation mechanism Supper, S. ; Anton, N.* ; Seidel, N. ; Riemenschnitter, M. ; Schoch, C. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2013454 (1), 143-148 Do iodinated nano-emulsions designed for preclinical vascular imaging alter the vascular reactivity in rat aorta ? Anton, N. ; Atzenhoffer, M. ; Daubeuf, F. ; Li, X. ; Schini-Kerth, V.B. ; Delmotte, B. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Chataigneau, T.*
• Macromolecular Reaction Engineering20137 (9), 414-439 Coupling microreaction technologies, polymer chemistry, and processing to produce polymeric micro and nanoparticles with controlled size, morphology, and composition Serra, C.A.* ; Cortese, B. ; Khan I.U. ; Anton, N. ; de Croon, M.H.J.M. ; Hessel, V. ; Ono, T. ; Vandamme, T.
• Bioencapsulation Innovations ,2013, 16-17 Microfluidics : a new tool for tunable release properties of drug loaded polymer microbeads Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A. ; Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T.
• Journal of Flow Chemistry,20133, 66-75 Engineering polymer microparticles by droplet microfluidics Chang, Z. ; Serra, C.A.* ; Bouquey, M. ; Kraus, I. ; Khan, I.U. ; Vandamme, T. ; Anton, N. ; Ohm, C. ; Zentel, R. ; Knauer, A. ; Kohler, M.
• World Applied Sciences Journal201322, 732-737 Macrobeads based-polysaccharides : Development and morphological analysis Gbassi, G.K. ; Atheba, P. ; Yolou, F.S. ; Vandamme, T.F.*
• Soft Matter,20139, 6465-6474 Adhesive water-in-oil nano-emulsions generated by the phase inversion temperature method Anton, N.* and Saulnier, P.
• Angewandte Chemie201325, 6404-6408 Behavior of an adsorbed phospholipid monolayer submitted to prolonged periodical surface density variations Nguyen, P.N. ; Waton, G. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Krafft, M.P.*
• RSC Advances20133, 7743-7746 Compressible multi-scale magnetic constructs : decorating the outer surface of self-assembled microbubbles with iron oxide nanoparticles Nguyen, P.N. ; Nikolova, G. ; Polavarapu, P. ; Waton, G. ; Phuoc, L.T. ; Pourroy, G. ; Krafft, M.P.*
• Bulletin de l’Académie Française Vétérinaire2013, Tome 166, No. 2 1-5 Prospects of therapeutics applications of nanotechnologies in veterinary medicine Vandamme, T.F.
• Pharmaceutical Research201330 (8),2023-2035 Poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) iodinated nanocapsules as contrast agents for X-ray imaging Hallouard, F. ; Briançon, S.* ; Anton, N. ; Li, X. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Fessi, H.
• Pharmaceutical Development and Technology20131, 73-84 Focused beam reflectance method as an innovative (PAT) tool to monitor in-line granulation process in fluidized bed Alshihabi, F. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Betz, G.*
• International Journal of Pharmaceutics2013441, 809-817 Continuous-flow encapsulation of ketoprofen in copolymer microbeads via co-axial microfluidic device : influence of operating and material parameters on drug carrier properties Khan, I.U. ; Serra, C.A.* ; Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T.F.
• Soft Matter20139, 1310-1318 Dilatational rheology of a gel point network formed by nonionic soluble surfactants at oil / water interface Anton, N. ; Vandamme, T.F. ; Bouriat, P.*
• Biomaterials201334, 481-491 Iodinated alpha-tocopherol nano-emulsions as non-toxic contrast agents for preclinical X-ray imaging Li, X. ; Anton, N.* ; Zuber, G. ; Zhao, M. ; Messaddeq, N. ; Hallouard, F. ; Fessi, H. ; Vandamme, T.F.
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