Preparation of poly(ethylene imine) derivatives with precisely controlled molecular weight, Eur Polym J 2016, 84:338-344

Despite the huge efforts made in the last half century to develop new controlled polymerization techniques, synthetic polymers are without exception composed of macromolecules with a molecular weight distribution. Several studies dealt with relationship between polymer molecular weight, structure or architecture and properties, but only recently, researchers are trying to develop tools for creating fully monodisperse macromolecules or even sequence-defined ones. Dispersity was shown to lead to a misinterpretation of the data as highlighted by recent studies. In the present paper, the synthesis of poly(ethylene imine)s derivatives (PEId) with well-defined structure, precisely controlled molecular weight and subsequent PEGylation is reported. The strategy can be further used in order to prepare long polymer chain with not only controlled molecular weight but also different monomer sequences.